Terra belli newWelcome to Terra Belli. In this divided country the eight races, Humans, Catfolk, Gillmen, Elves, Dwarves, Half Orcs, Vishkanyas and Sylphs, eachbliving in the country of Sapieto, Easr Calum, West Calum, Salagaud, Prospero, Marenall, Makoitsi, Zalk, or Meracle.
Only the Angelos abstain from the fighting and are left alone in the center of Terra Belli to further their utopian society.
Players will choose from one of the eight warring races it is encourage to use a favored class of the selected race butyou may not use the bonuses of racial archetypes. Only one player may be a race, once a race has been chosen by a player no other player may select that race. When choosing a class you may choose a core class You are also encouraged to choose an archetype for your core class. Or you may use one of the new base classes excluding the cavalier.

Character’s stats will be determined using an eighteen point-buy system. You may also choose one Feat as long as you have the prerequisite for that feat. No stat may be above 16 nor below 8. Each character may also only have one stat in the single digits. You may also select two traits for your character that must be somehow related to your character’s biography. Players will also be required to write a short biography for their character. This is important as it will affect the way the story plays out and your part in it.

Try to get your characters life story to match with that races type of culture. For instance Orcs are extremely brutal warmongers, so don’t have a Orc cleric that started an orphanage for children whose parents are killed by Orcs.
Each race and some knowledge of their place in Terra Belli are in the links below along with a map of Alf Heim. Next to them is the link to that race’s page on paizo with all their information.
Humans. paizo
Elves. paizo
Half Orcs. paizo
Dwarves. paizo
Gillmen. paizo
Sylphs. paizo
Vishkanyas. paizo
Catfolk. paizo

Terra Belli

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